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Enjoying life high above the rooftops of Zurich; letting life’s cares drift away in highceilinged, light-flooded rooms; leaving the everyday behind, despite being situated in the city’s beating heart – living in the Mobimo Tower is the realization of a dream, unique and energizing.

  • Breathtaking view
  • Optional services of the Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel
  • In the heart of new Zurich

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Unique living space with breathtaking views. A place to feel good, to enjoy life. In the heart of the city – but at the same time far above it.

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Facilities and services

A living environment this sophisticated would not be complete without a stunning kitchen that reclaims cooking as an art, or a bathroom that turns personal hygiene into sheer pleasure.

Residents in the Mobimo Tower have many of the impeccable services of the Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel at their disposal.

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The Mobimo Tower is in Zurich West, currently the most exciting district in the city. The former industrial quarter Kreis 5 is undergoing a transformation of a kind unmatched by any other district, and is changing the face of Zurich. Little by little, without disowning its industrial history, it is growing into an attractive, cosmopolitan city district.

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